The Goldoni Theatre Foundation


The Goldoni Theatre Foundation is one of the most active organizations on cultural, arts and art-related training and learning solutions, based in Livorno.

The Foundation is in charge of the management of the Goldoni Theatres, one of the 29 Theatres of Tradition in Italy (, organizing theatre, musical, lyric activities (more than 1,500 performances in the past 5 years).

The main mission of the Foundation is to constantly invest on community cultural growth and on Arts as a tool to empower, inspire, engage and educate citizens. The dialogue between the Theatre and its community has been always used to boost innovation and self-empowerment of young generations. Specific initiatives address schools and performing arts for stakeholders engagement.

The Foundation collaborates and cooperates with public institutions and private organizations at local, regional, national and international level and contributes to develop, protect and encourage the artistic cultural heritage. It is also strongly endorsed by the long-lasting experience in vocational training and qualification of artists and theatre-related professionals (significant are the international experiences of the Cantiere Lirico and MOS – MascagniOperaStudio– with the Verdi Theatre Foundation of Pisa and the Giglio’s Theatre of Lucca).

The Foundation plays a crucial role as change agent. In the recent years, the Foundation is also a laboratory for urban development, policy design and territorial cohesion, and the high-level academic research conducted within revolves around more integrated, participatory, realistic and smart-oriented solutions to pressing urban problems, both socio-economic as well as environmental by using Art as a vehicle for active citizenship and talent blooming. Urban valorization linked to the regeneration of creative spaces was tested through the initiative Scenari di quartiere, a series of exhibitions in the different parts of the City of Livorno.


Internationalization of cultural heritage and audience development are the main purposes of the Goldoni Foundation abroad. The promotion of the Italian cultural heritage in the world (along with the digitalization of educational and training tools), is regarded by the Foundation as the main axis of its strategic approach, considering the technological innovation as a crucial asset, in the perspective of the whole audience renewal and development.

In the past 15 years, one of the most important activities of the Goldoni Foundation have been its in-house operatic productions, performed both in Italy and abroad: Bonn, Athens, Osaka and Bastia for example. The Foundation also offers, as usual, a variety of young artist program for opera singers in collaboration with long-term international projects; among them: the “Young Ambassadors of the Opera” with the Opera of Montreal and the Operatic Workshop dedicated to Pietro Mascagni and Opera Studio (MOS). The Goldoni Foundation not only offers operatic training but also offers training in other areas of the performing arts such as acting, musical, prose and white voice choir training.

Furthermore, a strong focus has been given to the creation and empowerment of an operational network, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes of more than 50 countries, with a special focus on Serbia, USA, Korea, China, Japan. This on progress network is a crucial tool of the Foundation’s Promotional Strategic Plan, aimed to expand abroad its most significant activities; namely, implementation of the MOS in East Europe, East Asia and America.

At this regard, it is worth to mention that the Goldoni Foundation is also engaged to make the Italian Opera and its Verista Current, as the flag ambassador of cultural exchange and peace building, claiming the crucial role of cultural heritage exchange. This multidisciplinary approach, which includes not only opera but also music, dance and prose, led our Foundation to establish a good relationship with several countries in East Asia (China, Japan, etc.).

While working to apply for EU funding opportunities, the Goldoni Foundation has been strengthening its own partnership European Network. Within several EU calls (ERASMUS+ KA1 – KA2 and Creative Europe, both aimed at promoting EU citizenship among young students and artist of all Europe), the Foundation gained a good level of interest, engaging itself with academic institutions (Albania, Spain, Greece, Serbia), Cultural association and NGO (Portugal, Romania, Poland, Greece), high-schools (Denmark), Theatres (Bulgaria).

The Goldoni Foundation is now ready to interact with international partners, due to a strongly dedicated team, with the main objective to establish long-term relationship and collaboration, implementing the common European cultural roots and strengthening our ability to bring together the opportunities for a shared future.

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